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The Big Picture?
Who said you can  only  have one web site or domain name?  It certainly wasn't me.  I have dozens of Domain Names/  Web Sites.  And all of them are for sale... at best offer

In case you are wondering... I have had enough.  After 24 years in the mortgage business (13 of them as the Owner/ President/ Broker of record),  and with all the recent b.s. government changes, I have had enough and am exiting the biz and selling all my mortgage and financial domain names.  All offers will be considered. 

I am now devoting my time to: Retire

Mortgage lead advertising/ affiliate programs until I am able to sell or lease the domain names.

Burton Jamison

Mortgage/ Financial Domain Names For Sale -  Best Offer
Domain Name Listing SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE!
(Will sell as a group) SOLD 

more domain names SOLD (200+ visitors a day). SOLD
(sold as a group) 
Would you make an investment that you could recoup... in just one month?
More important... will you ?

I am PayPal verified, and accept credit cards using PayPal for all domain names.   I will consider Owner Financing higher priced domain name offers. 

Domain names are sold as is without an appraisal.  However, I will share a historical snapshot of the total page views for

  • 2002 = 152,591; 
  • 2003 = 222,983; 
  • 2004 = 172,539;
  • 2005 = 183,684; 
  • 2006 = 684,469; 
  • 2007 = 721,975;
  • 2008 = 422,347.
  • (We all remember how business dropped off in 2008, but the site still averaged more than 35,000 page views a month).
  • 2009  = 312,737; that is an average of 26,061 page views a month!
  • July 1 2011 through June 18, 2012 =  Total page views 289,199 or 25,147 a month.  Total visitors during the same period =64,306 visitors.  Average number of visitors per day = 185.  Average per month = 5,565 visitors.  
  • Do the math.  1/2 of 1% = up to 27 solid leads a month.  The industry average is 2%, which would be up to 111 solid leads a month.
It is assumed the buyer of any domain will build his own web site, or at minimum change the current content, so in my opinion these and other historical stats and traffic are a moot point.  These domain names speak for themselves regarding value and potential future income. 

Will you make the investment? 

This offer is a no brainer.  Why not make your offer today? 

Please don't contact me with a list of your domain names, or ask me to buy or help you sell yours.  I am not a domain name broker and will only list domain names that are owned by me.

 Burton Jamison

P.O. Box 783, Stevensville, MD 21666-0783

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All subject to prior sale.  Seller reserves the right to refuse any offer.